No workspace admin, no access to UX page

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Hi all,
I'm currently facing a page visualization issue. The model has been set to have three kinds of page visualization:

  • Full access, access to all the page, used by us anaplan consultants
  • Corporate Role, access to all the pages, used by the managers
  • User Role, access to some specific pages only

More importantly, the managers used to have workspace administrator and there was no visualization issue, however we recently had to remove that. Since we've done so, the manager sees no one but himself, while also the other users should be visible.

This is what he sees now:

This is the configuration of the manager (last one with the red dot):

This is the configuration of the UX page restriction:

Does anybody know what is missing or what is happening?

Thanks in advance,


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  • jasonblinn

    When using the User Dimension, there is a column in blueprint called "Users List".

    This column only controls Work Space Administrators and controls if a WSA can see all Users or just themselves.

    For non-Workspace Admins, they are only able to see themselves.

    By changing the Managers from WSA to Non-WSA, you have removed the ability for them to see all users in the user dimension.

    To Achieve what you are trying to accomplish here, I can think of a few options, None are perfect.

    1. Give this user WSA, if they need it.
    2. Create a list that mimics the native user list. Then create a module using this list that looks exactly the current one. Import from that module into your current module. (Note: A WSA would have to run the import for it to function for the same reason you are already running into). This could be avoided by using cloudworks or another integration tool to run on a cadenced basis.
    3. Create a list that mimics the native user list. Use the List with Selective access. This might be less ideal depending on what is done in the model as you might then have to put this user list on modules that it doesn't make sense to put them on. You also need a WSA to set up selective access any time someone new is granted access to the model.

    For options 2 and 3, someone has to maintain the list of users as well to keep it updated.

    I know none of these options are what you were hoping to hear, but it seems that the way this is set up, the best option is to have a WSA manage that particular page.

    Hope that helps!



  • Hi Luca,

    You need to make sure that the user role that is been assigned to the user has been set up correctly.

    Setting up correctly means that you have assigned the set of modules(used in the dashboard) which the user can access from the Roles→Modules tab in the 'Users' section of the model. Similarly you need to make sure that the User role has all the access to the respective lists, versions, actions etc to perform the required tasks.

    Let me know if it works.


  • LucaRicci
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    Hi Anand,

    I already checked the Users section of the model and everything looks fine. That being the case, I believe the manager would not even be able to see himself.