Subset-based display


Hello everyone,

I have a module that is dimensioned by a store list. Each store belong to one or more comparison groups (each comparison group is a subset).
I'd like to be able to select a comparison group and, depending on this selection, update the list of stores displayed. Do you know if ANAPLAN allows this?

I hope my explanations are clear. Thank you in advance for your help.

Have a nice day,

Best Answers

  • anand.shekhawat

    Yes this can be achieved in Anaplan. There is a little bit of build work.

    And Yes with appropriate filters, this can be done.

  • TristanS

    @YP Yes it can be done. You will need the following:

    1. Mapping module between Store and Comparison Group
    2. A user input module to capture the comparison group
    3. A filter module to calculate which stores to display
      1. Show? = User Input.Comparison Group = Store.Comparison Group
    4. Apply the value in the filter module against the target module to filter the stores to be displayed