Line item with Month Format, need to repeat for all the period after it is calculated



I have a line item with Month Format (Maternities Month M_paid leaves calc) and need to repeat it until another line item with boolean format is true (Maternity).

Tried with lastnonblank formula.

Thank you for your help!



  • Hi @rfilip

    The formula should be - IF NOT Boolean THEN PREVIOUS(Same Line Item in which formula is applied) ELSE Overridden line item


  • Sorry, but is is not clear. Overridden is a new line item that I have to create?

  • @rfilip Overridden line item is for the purpose if after a boolean is ticked you want new month to take place

    If overridden line item is not available, then you can just use BLANK


  • Ok. Clear this part of overridden.

    But, my need is to have this May 23 repeated as long as Maternity is true.

    And as you can see in the formula, if using previous only Jun 23 is repeating, everything still remains empty.

  • Ok understood! Try framing formula like this:

    IF ISNOTBLANK(Last worked month) THEN Last Worked Month ELSE IF Maternity THEN PREVIOUS(Maternities Month M_paid leaves calc) ELSE BLANK


  • Hope that I well understood your idea.

    Not working still.

  • Hey @rfilip Getting there, You have done everything correct except line item under PREVIOUS(). You need to refer the same line in which you are applying the formula. See my above answer


  • Incredible !😲

    I was thinking I will have a circular reference if I will use it, as you mentioned, but it worked. Thank you verry much for your time and patience !