Doubt about modules with a common dimension


I have an issue when I change a scenario in modules with common dimensionality.


In the case of modules A, B, and C with a common dimension (e.g., Cases). The List Cases considers Cases 1, 2, 3, and 4.
Should the other two switch to the same Case if I select a Case in one of the modules?
For example, after selecting Case 4 in module C, modules A and B should also be Case 4.

I am having an issue because, in my model, the other modules that share the common dimensionality are not changing.

Can you guide me on what is my problem?
Is it something related to the List Parameters that define the Cases?



  • @belsner in what interface are you expecting the dimensions to sync? Is it a dashboard, App page or in Modelling?

    If it's on an App Page, go to the card configuration of each grid (module) and ensure that items highlighted in yellow for each of the dimensions is turned on.

    If it's on a dashboard, edit the dashboard, select the modules and ensure the item highlighted in yellow below is checked.

    If it's in Modelling, you don't really need to configure anything. It usually automatically does it.

  • From the answer, I conclude it is not possible to see the modules synchronized in the programming environment. That is, as we move from one module to another, confirm that all are running under the same element selected of a common dimension.
    The PowerPoint summarizes my issue.