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hi all,

I am trying to get the region for the employee and used the following formula

What's the issue with it and what's the best practice of getting the formula?

Thank you!


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  • gaurav
    edited September 2023 Answer ✓

    @GAPER Lookup works with Dimension in the source not with the line items in the source, In sys04 Country and Region are line items not the dimension of sys04. if you are bringing from SYS04 you will have to lookup location in the target module but location is not present in your target module so bring the Region from SYS03


  • Hi @GAPER you are bringing region from SYS04 module which is at location dimension and you are looking up with Country.

    You can bring the region from SYS03 module which is at country dimension, your formula will be

    'SYS03 Country Details'.Region[LOOKUP: Country]

  • But sys04 is actually the module with Country and Region already. May i know what could be the problem when i refer to this moduel? Thanks