Update INV01 Inventory Ordering to Allow Override of Order Amount


I got a circular reference for the below action.

  • Redirect the formula for this line item that currently references the Suggested Order Amount for the Month line item to the Final Shipment Amount line item instead.)

This is the original formula for Confirmed Purchase Order Receipt

	Confirmed PO Delivery > 0
	OFFSET(Suggested Order Amount for the Month, -Shipping Time Weeks, 0)

Since final shipment amount is a function of starting function - demand + confirmed purchase order receipt. I do not understand how could we replace this offset with final shipment amount.

Here are the formula for other calculations

Thank you.

Best Answer


  • Hi @GAPER use POST function in Confirmed Purchase Order Receipt.

    your formula will look like POST(Final Shipment Amount, Final Shipping Time Weeks).


  • Master Kumar, it still show circular reference so i wonder if there are anything wrong in other lines….


  • I think i have fixed the issue - I used a wrong if case for the final shippment amount