You Have Been Removed From the Talent Builder Program


Dear Rahul,

Our records show you have not completed any courses in the last 30 days of the Talent Builder program.

Your account has been removed from the program due to inactivity, and your access to an Anaplan workspace through this program has been revoked.

Please, DO NOT CONTACT Anaplan support teams as they do not manage this program.

For interest in re-applying to the program, there will be a 30-day wait period for inactive users who have been removed. Any re-application submitted within the 30 day wait period will be declined.

Thank you,

The Anaplan Academy Operations Team

I recently received this email from the Anaplan. I did use the Anaplan model workspace and saved my version yesterday (24th September 2023). Please help me to get me access to workspace so that I can pursue my progress to earn Anaplan Model Certification.


Rahul Shah


  • @rshah7

    The decision made by the Anaplan Academy is pretty much final and needs to adhered. Kindly re-apply after the waiting period gets over.