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Hi all,

I have a few questions on the UX expereince dashboard

  1. How do i replicate the filter exactly like the example? I think there are no SKUs in the exception summary module (first table - New York/San Francisco / US). How does the filter broadcasted to there
  2. How do i have a summary value like it shows there for US? it's empty in my version
  3. How do i remove the uncessary white bar at the top of the grid (there is a space between the titles and the first line item)

Thank you very much.


  • Hi GAPER,

    1. In designer mode you can off filter labels:

    Filters added from your page's cards context

    2. You should go to you source module and enable level summary for line item shown in the page

    Recently Anaplan removed summaries for new line items by default.

    3. You can't remove it, but you can make it 3 times smaller in desiner mode

    Hope some of this works for you.



  • ClarabelleKemmer
    edited November 2023

    Check if there are any filters or data restrictions that might be affecting the values displayed in the summary. Additionally, verify that the summary calculation is correctly set up in your data visualization tool or spreadsheet software. Geometry Dash presents a plethora of meticulously designed levels, each with its own unique aesthetic and difficulty.

  • You will produce, update, and communicate order summaries in this capacity. Experience working in a distribution facility or in transportation is preferred. Papa's Games