CloudWorks Export to S3 Sub-Folder


Has anyone had trouble export to an S3 sub-folder using CloudWorks? I'm testing out functionality and this is the only blocker. I am able to import from/export to the root folder in S3 bucket, and can import from sub-folders. But when I try to export to the sub-folder, the job fails and I get "A non-Anaplan error has occurred" message.

The IAM user I am testing with has the S3FullAccess policy and there are no additional restrictions on the S3 bucket. Any ideas?


  • TristanS
    edited September 2023

    @dameyer01 Not sure if this will help but I had a similar issue with Azure. From recollection, I had to setup my SAS token at the container (folder) level. If I setup the SAS token at the file level my exports would fail.

    May be try setting up your connection using tokens setup at different levels. One at file and another at sub folder / root folder and see if any of them work

  • For better or for worse, the problem seems to have resolved itself. Not sure if someone did something while investigating my ticket with Anaplan Support, but it seems to be fine now! 🧐