How to import Create Country Currency List


I have been facing issue on this page and not sure what to pick for each of these columns

i suppose parent is empty since it's an flat list

but what should i put for Country and Symbol?


Best Answer

  • TristanS

    @GAPER the source you have in the screenshot you have provided and screenshot from your original import seems to be different. In your original import screenshot you have a column "Symbol" which is not available in the latest screenshot. Are you able to the screenshot for the source you used for import?

    Also, another option for your import is to leave the "Code" blank as your original mapping shows that you are importing by Name only which Implies it is not a numbered list. Mapping the code is ideal but not necessary from the data you've provided so far unless you have an import action elsewhere where you are using the code to import data but the latest screenshot you have provided seems to map using name