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Join Dennis Lemoine, Sr. Program Manager of Community Events, for our sixth episode of Journey, an Anaplan Community podcast. This month we bring you Clarissa Hassfurder (@clarissa), Certified Master Anaplanner, Certified Solution Architect, and CEO at Double10 Consulting.

Clarissa has over a decade of software implementation experience and over four years as a Master Anaplanner. She is passionate about supporting COEs as they grow and develop, and has helped companies like DocuSign and American Airlines with their Anaplan integrations. Clarissa is also a huge asset to the Anaplan Community, with her thought-leadership and ideas.

In this episode, Dennis asks Clarissa to share how she started and grew her career in the Anaplan ecosystem, what she appreciates about Anaplan and Master Anaplanner program, who has impacted her journey (shout-out to @rob_marshall, @JaredDolich, and @DaanishSoomar!) and more.

“The Certified Master Anaplanner program is not just a program where people get a crown on their head and they get to walk around with it. The folks that are in the program are always trying to put the crown on the next person’s head and really trying to get other folks involved and excited.” – Clarissa Hassfurder

Tune in and let us know what people and topics you would like to see in future episodes.

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  • @clarissa you rock, I'm so inspired by your enthusiasm, CMA leadership agenda, and your optimism. Agree with you about CMAs. "Put the crown on the next person's head." @rob_marshall is my initial mentor too. There's only one Jared, hahaha! The retail industry calls you!

    And, @DennisL you are the BEST host/interviewer - wish I could connect with people as well as you. "What was the 'grounding' you have with Anaplan?" - good pun with Clarissa's interest in airlines.

  • Great interview!!!

  • Love hearing your story and wish you well @clarissa !