Date format

I want to change the format of the column header to be the actual date in format MM/DD/YYYY. A user in another country set everything up in format DD/MM/YY and I want to change it.


  • gaurav
    edited September 27

    Hi @basch the Default date format in Anaplan is MM/DD/YYYY only, if we want to change the format you will have to hardcode it.

    Steps you can follow: Create a system module for days and pull the day, Month and Year from your original line item in text formatted line items. Then create another text formatted line item and concatenate the Day, Month and Year in whatever sequence you need, e.g., DD/MM/YYYY etc.

  • @GauravKumar Yes I want the MM/DD/YYYY circled in blue, but the yellow highlighted is what is wrong and is getting pulled to all of my modules.

  • gaurav
    edited September 27

    Hi @basch but the highlighted item(Current Period Week) is a week formatted line item and you want to see in date format? Is that correct? for W/c 24 Sep 23 you wanna see 09/24/2023?

  • @GauravKumar Yes that is correct

  • gaurav
    edited September 27

    I think this approach can work here.

    Step 1: Find the year from the week number(W/c 24 Sep 23) using Year function e.g., 2023

    Step 2: Find the first day of the year e.g., WEEKDAY(DATE(Year, 1, 1))

    Step 3: Find the first date of the week in Current Period Week line item using this formula:

    DATE(Year, 1, 1) + 7 * (Week no - 1) - First day of the year

    Let me know if it works @basch