How can I filter a time dimensioned module using data from a sys module



We have 2 modules -
a) SYS Module Dimensions -
1) List A (have numbers 1,2,3,4…,so on)
2) Line Items (various line items like region, status, name, etc.)

b) Time dimensioned module Dimensions -
1) List A
2) Months
3) Line Items (All numbered formatted )

We have both the modules published on the same NUX.
We want to filter List A from any of the Line items on the SYS module, and it should also filter out the List A members in the Time Dimensioned Module.

I have made custom filters to achieve this but this has made the page lag a lot due to the presence of almost 4 to 5 filters on 2 different modules.

Is their any other way to do this?



  • Hi @KartikeyaJ You dont need to create separate filters for both the Modules. Create a filter line item in SYS Module and apply the filter in NUX view and you can apply the same filter in the NUX view of Month dimension module as well.