How to implement a multiple-criteria-mapping into a formula

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I am trying to make this mapping work in the best way possible.

I have 3 criterias: RV1 Revenue, RV3 Revenue, Product Class.

I need to have, as a final outcome, the same Revenue BU of the mapping in this final module:

How can I achieve this? Is the IF THEN ELSE concatenation the only solution possible?





  • Hi Luca,

    Is it correctly understood that you have 3 criterias, which combination used to map 4th one?

    If so, you should create mapping module, something like
    Dimensions: RV1 Revenue, RV3 Revenue, Product Class
    Line item: Revenue BU

    You could fill mapping directly there or could calculate it referring to your REV03 input mapping module (I would recommend to think about duplicate lines in advance).

    Since you have mapping module you can in Dat11 directly lookup from mapping module using line items from DAT11

    Something like Revenue BU = Mapping Module.Revenue BU[lookup:RV1 Revenue, lookup:RV3 Revenue, lookup:Product Class]