Is there a limit (250 GB ?) on model size within HyperModel workspace?


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  • gaurav
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    Hi @Sukh_Sandhu I have worked on a model with 400GB of size so there is no limitation of 250 GB. It can be upto 720 GB.


  • HyperModel Workspace can go from a Minimum of 200GB to a Max of 720.

    From 200 to 700, it can be increased by increments of 50GB and once it hits 700 there is one additional increase of 20 GB to get to the final max of 720 GB.


  • @jasonblinn Thanks for quick response. Good info but my questions is there limit on single Model size with Hyper Model workspace, can we have a single 700 GB model?

  • @Sukh_Sandhu

    No, a model can be that big but why would you want to boil the ocean in one model? A better practice/architecture is to break the processes of one big model into smaller models and then have a consolidation model to bring in the data for reporting.

  • Thanks @rob_marshall . We just want to understand upper limit on model size as dealing with some large datasets but end goal is to have split models by processes.