Import stops at 91%, no model won't open on workspace anymore


Hey there,

we have 2 workspaces. We have built different models on both WS and started imports from a large CSV.

In both cases, the import stopped at 91%. Going back to model manager and stopping the process yielded in "model XYZ (closing)".

When refreshing the page, we see all of our models, but cannot a) open any model and b) not open the model manager anymore. NOTHING works at all!

Tried to reset my browser caches (as this was a hint somewhere). All of our anaplan models are down and we urgently need somebody helping out. The support is not finding any solution obviously.

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  • Hauptstadt

    Update: Human error on my side. I imported a massive data set into blueprint. Finally the L3-support could identify this error and restored the model. Thanks!


  • @Hauptstadt I have recently had a situation where the Workspace got corrupted and Anaplan had to restart the workspace (twice this month). May be ask them to restart the workspace. Just out of curiosity, do you happen to have Cloud Works jobs running on any of the models on that workspace? Reason I'm asking is that the root cause of our workspace issue was Cloud Works related.

  • Thanks @TristanS . That is what I am trying to ask the support for, nothing really happens. No, there is no Cloud Works integration. You say this happened twice a month? Cannot imagine you are happy with such an instability.