Lookup of a boolean line item using top level (parent) not producing results


Hi. I have a multi-dimension module. I created a filter line item that checks to see if a value in Devices dimension is <0 for any one of these devices. I set the sum method to Any, Time: None. So I get the expected result:

The formula for this: 'Deployment (LIS)' < 0, and the results work perfectly as expected.

Next I want to do a lookup to create a filter so that if any device (i.e. smartphone) is less than zero, all devices is set to true on my 2nd boolean filter. My attempt to do this was to create a 2nd boolean using a lookup off of my first boolean.

I used the formula in my 2nd filter: 'FIL: LIS Less Than Zero'[LOOKUP: 'SYS03: List Mappings & Filters'.Device Type FL Parent].

I expect to see in my 2nd filter each device type for every customer that has ANY checked as TRUE (and Total Devices also checked as TRUE). Instead, my 2nd boolean returns everything as FALSE:

Device Type FL Parent comes from a system module that simply points each device type to the Parent:

Devices is a Flat List with a Top Level of 'Total Devices'.

Can anyone help me understand why my 2nd Boolean isn't finding the value for 'Total Devices' for all devices?

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