How do i pivot data for a grid


The Pivot data is blacked out - I would like to swap the column and the dimension of a card (not changing the underlying view of the module). How should i do that? Thanks

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  • Vamsi_Kaki

    Hello @GAPER , If you publish a saved view using Grid in the UX , you cannot pivot the data. In order to have pivot functionality, use custom view.

    If you publish Custom view you can identify Pivot icon on the grid.

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    Thanks - understood. But why is this the case? Is there any logic behind? (that saved view can't be pivoted / having those functions)


  • @GAPER

    Purpose of the saved view is to only allow the model builders to play with the customization of the view not the end users. If you want end users to play with the customization, then custom views should be used