Syncing Issue From Dev model to Live model


Hi all,

I am having some issue on Numbered List syncing from DEV to LIVE correctly.

I have a saved view used for import to create a numbered list in the DEV marked as a production List.

When synced to LIVE model it works but the Mapping source does not map correctly in the LIVE.

Does anyone know what the issue might be and how to resolve it? your advice will be really helpful, thanks.

Below is the mapping.

  1. DEV


Best Answer

  • rob_marshall


    Because on a numbered list, you should always use a code to identify the unique members and not the #ID. From Dev to Prod, the internal numbers (the #ID) will not be the same. The same goes for the mapping in the properties, they should be the code.


  • @rob_marshall

    Thanks very much for this I did not know  that the internal numbers (the #ID) will not be the same for Dev to Prod.