Dimentionality of a model


How is the dimension determined for a model? Here is a high level description and issue i am facing.

Module (1) I have a list of entries considered the column looks like this (let's say 10 columns)

Dimension ABCDE

Metrics FGHIJ

The cell count is 66,807,426

And Let's say column E is the project id

which could be mapped with so many other project-detailed dimensions.

(Industry of the project, status of the project, location of the project). Let's call them KLMNO

Module (2) a summary of the above data but now i am joining the detailed dimensions (KLMNO) to this module. However the cells are exploing.

For example if K is a list of 10. The number of cells is increased by 10 fold. But in a normal excel settings, It's just adding one column to the calculations (and the cells should only increased by the number of rows)

May i know how to understand this? Thank you.


  • @GAPER I'm sort of reading between the lines here so not sure if I'm addressing your question correctly but the columns you mentioned above can just be implemented as line items and assign the format of that line item to a list. E.g. Add line item location with format of "Location List". So you don't really need to add location as a dimension in module 2 … unless it's a reporting module and you need to pivot by those columns. Please provide more information with respect to what the use case is, if I didn't answer your question correctly