Delete models using Anaplan Connect/API?


Is it possible to delete models using Anaplan Connect/API? A sample script would be much appreciated.


  • Hi,

    There is this Bulk Delete Models endpoint in Anaplan Transactional API . In API documentation there is sample CURL Script for model deletion.

  • Hello

    The "Bulk Delete Models" endpoint in the Anaplan Transactional API provides a convenient way to remove multiple models in Anaplan using an API call. Here's a sample CURL script for model deletion:

    curl -X DELETE \
    -H "Authorization: AnaplanAuthToken <YourAuthToken>" \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -d '{
    "modelIds": ["ModelID1", "ModelID2", "ModelID3"]

    This script sends a DELETE request to the Anaplan API endpoint, passing the Anaplan Auth Token in the Authorization header and providing a JSON payload with the list of model IDs you want to delete. Make sure to replace <YourAuthToken> with your actual Anaplan Auth Token and update the "modelIds" list with the IDs of the models you want to delete. Refer |Golang Certification

    Thank you.