We have a single workspace running multiple models.

We want to sub divide the workspace so that we have a small area for purely training/experiement models and a much larger one for developmen/production models.

The vision is we would run with different user lists in each area,for example. Once sub divided each workspace would be entirely separate from another.

Can we do this? If so how?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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  • jasonblinn

    Yes, It might even make sense to make it so that your dev Models are in separate workspaces from your Prod models for security, or have 1 Prod model per workspace again depending on your security requirements.

    Get in contact with your Anaplan Business Partner and they will be able to help.

    Standard Workspaces can be split out from 1 to 130GB in increments of 1GB.

    Hypermodel Workspaces can go from 200 to 720GB. Increases from 200 to 700 can be made in increments of 50GB (250, 300, 350 etc…) with one additional 20GB increase available once you hit 700 to get to the overall max of a workspace of 720GB.


  • ChrisG532
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    Thanks Jason - sounds about right! Out of interest is this one for Tennant Admin, or is it one we can handle at a Workspace level?