Anaplan API | Add list items to a numbered list by combination of properties as a unique identifier



I am currently writing an API call to add a list item to a numbered list. Here, i would like to use a combination of properties as a unique identifier, not the regular code. Which has to be specified in the request body. Unfortunately, I haven't found any guidance in the documentation on how to do that ( ). Does anyone know how to define the request body of the API call for such an import? Many thanks in advance


  • I'm not sure if this is possible with Transactional API. Instead you could define an import in Anaplan and use Bulk API and send data to Anaplan in csv/txt format and trigger the import process. This would work as you can define the import to use properties as unique identifier and your csv/txt data can include only one row of data if you want.

  • Lars

    Many thanks for your reply. Indeed, we found a workaround using txt format. Further, we opened a ticket to Anaplan support. I will keep you posted.