Model sync error due to time scale and time summary


Hi all, I would really appreciate your help with a weird error.

I'm trying to synchronize changes I made in my development model to my production model, but I'm getting the attached error. I did make changes to timescale and time summary, not brought forward property. What puzzles me is that I get this error while the development model works fine. Does the synchronization process do the changes in a specific order for an error like this to arise? Could the solution be do the changes step by step, like setting up the line items before the formula? although that would result in a lot of revision tags…

Please let me know if you have encountered a similar issue. Thanks for any help!

let me know if you have encountered a similar issue. Thanks for any help!



  • @Wolf37 can't say I've seen it before. Just curious now. Can you advise on the following:

    1. Did you update model calendar or time ranges by adding/removing summaries such as Year to Date?
    2. Are you using any SELECT formula against the time period?

    Would recommend you contact Anaplan Support if you haven't yet. But keep us posted on this one as this has piqued my interest

  • Hi @TristanS, only 4 new line items added in two modules and 5 other lines items modified in those same two modules.

    No calendar or time range update.

    SELECTs are strongly advised against in our team, so no, non of those.

    The 5 changes I mentioned involve changing time range and time scale of line items, but I understood that shouldn't be a problem; I've done it before with no issues for the sync.

    My only guess at this point is that the synching process is being done in a certain order (for some reason) and that is creating an inconsistency at a certain step. I've tried to do the synching in steps, but stoped when I ended up with too many revision tags. I'm asking around before continuing, but probably should reach out to Anaplan Support.

    Will keep you posted, thanks for the answer.

  • I had the same issue. @Wolf37 were you able to fix this?

  • If it's possible to part-sync the model ie to an intermediate revision tag that might help.

    When we've done large model updates in the past depending on the order it can get a bit "confused" so worth breaking up the sync into smaller chunks.

    Hence the revision tag often mantra.