Anaplan + Tableau


Wondering if anyone is using another dashboarding tool as a visualization tool and how the experience has been?

For me the only thing good for Anaplan's dashboard is the user input from the dashboard end but that's not actually something i would need very frequently for my company.

Happy to listen to your experiences!


  • Hello @GAPER

    I believe it depends on the client requirements how to visualize their data and other considerations like cost. So, most of the clients whom I have worked with are going with Anaplan's UI because it's meeting their expectations. But in my current project they are using Power BI as the dashboard tool for the data visualization purpose along with Anaplan UI.

    And Anaplan UI is not only for input, but we also have other features as well (it's ongoing feature additions from anaplan end).

  • Thanks Dneeru - Do you have an example on how would you export the data from Anaplan to PowerBI - Like how would you structure the data as all data are stored basically in modules, instead of a huge table for PowerBI to digest

  • @GAPER Anaplan provides integration of anaplan models to power BI, which you can utilise for your reporting purposes.