Copy paste from Excel to Anaplan



I have some issues from copy several cells from excel to Anaplan.

I can't copy more than One cell from Excel, and I need to copy the value in tje cell, otherwise it doesn't work

Do you know how to fix this?



  • Datatype should be correct for the values you are trying to paste


  • Hello,

    There a few things you need to verify first

    1. Check the Cell(Line item) you have write access or not. most this line item is a write access and Input cell
    2. Check the Format of line item you are copying from excel, both should be in similar
    3. You can check which level your copying the data, (do in child level)
    4. In Anaplan limitation . you can able to copy the 10000 cells at one time

  • Adding on to this thread. It seems when attempting to copy formulas from Excel to Anaplan, if "SELECT:" is included, the platform will throw an error. Anaplan is forcing me to click into the edit formula bar and paste one cell at a time. Either a limitation of the platform or a bug. :(