Concurrent changes by multiple builders in ALM models


Hi all. We have multiple model builders working in the same model at the same time. One person's changes might be ready to be sync'd to live while the other person's changes might not be. Does anyone have tips on good governance that can be put in place to help us control this in a better way? Currently we end up with builders creating multiple non-ALM'd copies of the live models to create and then test the changes then only putting the changes into the real dev model and sync to live once they are happy. This creates rework and risk of errors in that rework. Thanks


  • Hello @Joanne , you can resolve the issue by following the below steps

    Assume developers working/building simultaneously in Dev model and Assume Both Dev and Prod models are in Sync at Revision Tag 0 (RT0).

    1. After you sync the models at RT0, developers re-started working in Dev model.
    2. If one of them (say Developer1) finished their work and need to deploy changes into Prod then,
    3. Request other developers to pause their work and Developer1 shall create RT1
    4. Revert the Dev model to RT0
    5. Re-Build the work of Developer1
    6. Create RT2 and deploy the changes to Prod model
    7. Once deployed, Revert the Dev model to RT1(this is where entire work of developers exist)
    8. Let other developers continue with their build
    9. If required, follow the same steps to deploy another developer's changes too
    10. After Step8, To deploy entire build create RT3 and sync both Dev and Prod models.



  • There is also this blog post from @lej01 which you mind find helpful, might remove the need for multiple non-ALM models

  • Thanks Vamsi. We did consider the back to the future route but it still requires double development of the change.

  • Thanks Andrew. This is pretty much what we are doing now. I don't think there is a route that avoids having to develop twice unfortunately.

  • @Joanne Do let me know if we have any approach other than back to future.