In a module a data value is getting overlapped by an unknown action. I am unable to find that action


I am working on a model where a data integration happens in every 4 hour and that loads multiple data in a module. Now for one of the line items and for one particular account the data is getting overlapped and in some data integration that data is not loading correctly.

However as per the action responsible for that data load is running successfully but there is some other mysterious action that I am unable to find, loading or overlapping the data for that account. Can you please help


  • Hello,

    You can find that action as well the data override.

    follow these steps

    1. Need to identify what are the action using to getting populated the data in the module and check the mappings for that line item
    2. you can extract the cell history and identify the previous data and change data values

  • Thanks for your response. I can see for that line items there are few actions are executed but the incorrect one is running for a particular Account and Expense type in mapping. The rest are all running for same line item but for other accounts and expense types. So its not clear how and why that data can overlap for another account and Expense type.

    Secondly in the cell history I can only see the data change with timestamp but not the source of the data.