How to Get Current User and Time stamp In anaplan


How to get the current user for a line item and is there a way to get the time stamp

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  • Hello @143kishornaidu ,

    To show the current user, use the formula ITEM(Users). If required, you can turn off "Show All Users" in the blueprint view. Whenever user logs in, line item shows his/her user id.

    Since Anaplan is a web-based application, we generally show date in Anaplan by running an action. This can be achieved by Integration where action runs everyday to update Date.



  • @143kishornaidu your question is sort of subject to multiple interpretations. So besides Vamsi's interpretation above. Here's other interpretations to your question both of which will give a timestamp as well.

    1. If you are referring to knowing which user updated a line item and when then you can right click the cell and click on Show History (screenshot below)

    2. If you are referring to who updated the line item in Blue Print mode (e.g. formula, summaries) then you can go to History tab, select the period you want reported for and Click show history. You may need to export it to a file after which you can Filter by the line item you are interested in. This will actually provide you the information in item 1 as well plus all other stuff.