How I Built It: User-friendly hierarchy management

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Author: Nikko Koutas is a Certified Master Anaplanner and Manager at Lionpoint Group.

Hi Anaplan Community!

Welcome and thank you for checking out my ‘How I Built It’ tutorial. In my video, I will showcase a user-friendly NUX page that can be leveraged by your end users to manage their manually maintained hierarchies.

I will take you through the front-end NUX page as well as the back-end model to give you a complete understanding of how an end user will interact with the tool and how you can set it up. Some of the concepts that we leverage in this tutorial are driver-based action permissions, adding list members through forms, and effective standardized systems modules for multi-level hierarchies.

I hope this tutorial will help you foster end user adoption, and I wish you good luck in your Anaplan modeling adventures.

Check it out and let me know if you have questions!

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