problem in import from module to another module ( both contains the same numbered list )


I want to import from module to another module when dimentions of the both of them is a numbered list .

during importing mapping is incorrect ( numbered list item can not be mapped correctly)

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  • Mahdiyar
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    Hi erfan

    this is because of the nature of number lists. I had the same problem couple of months ago and i could solve the problem by exporting an excel file and import it to the target module but remember when you are exporting an excel file , you should selecet the ((code)) of that number list in ((labels tab)) cause when importing you should select the ((code column)) as maaping column otherwise you will face the same problem again.

    best of luck

  • rob_marshall


    There is no need to export to excel, just make sure to have the code of the list members in the source view and use that for the mapping.