A conversation with Shrankhla Singh — Journey | Anaplan Community Podcast

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October may be Global Diversity Awareness Month, but the diversity in the Anaplan ecosystem is something we are proud of and celebrate every month! In our seventh episode of Journey, an Anaplan Community podcast, we are excited to introduce a new host to help showcase the variety of talent in our ecosystem. Bringing in new hosts represents the diversity of culture, ethnicity, and thought from around the world, is a reflection our Community, and brings us in alignment with the ideals of global diversity.

In today’s podcast, our new host Kas Gengadaren (@KasG), Anaplan’s APAC Ecosystem Manager, is joined by Shrankhla Singh (@Shrankhla), Certified Master Anaplanner and Center of Excellence Lead at NTUC Fairprice in Singapore. Both ladies are doing amazing work, and have a passion for coaching, Community, and creating an environment where employees of all backgrounds feel respected and valued.

In addition to being a Certified Master Anaplanner and CoE Lead, Shrankhla is our Community Asia User Group Leader. She has extensive experience in leading CoEs and is passionate about coaching new Anaplanners for digital transformation projects. Shrankhla understands the partner and customer journey, as she has been a part of both ecosystems and enjoys being at the customer side for now.

In this episode, Kas and Shrankhla chat about Shrankhla’s Anaplan journey, the benefits of an Anaplan Community group, working cross-culturally, her future goals, and more.

“If I have any questions — and I tell the model builders I have — if you have any questions, if you are stuck somewhere… You just put that question in Community. And I’m sure, because Community is so widespread (we have people from various regions) — somebody must have encountered a similar kind of thing. That’s the power of Community.” - Shrankhla Singh

Tune in and let us know what people and topics you would like to see in future episodes.

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