Level 2, Sprint 3 - DCA

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Help please!!! I have been struggling with this for almost half a day and I just cannot get my module to replicate the example given in the sprint..

In the original example, all the cells are blank (Week 1) if the Submit PO Request Boolean is not selected but I just can't figure out how to make that happen in my model.

Everything else seems to be working correctly, it is just the settings as shown in the Example, Week 1 that I can't figure out. How do I get the info on the lines below "Suggested Order Amount" disappear if the "Submit PO Request?" Boolean is not selected?

With my current settings, if that Boolean is not selected, then the other Booleans and cells below is not "writeable" but the info for shipping method, Shipping Time Weeks etc. is still visible whereas on the example it is blank.

Help please, this is driving me nuts!🤯

Please see pics attached:


  • Hello @LelaniOM ,

    Here Final Shipment Amount depends on "Suggested Order Amount for the month" and "Override Amount". From your attachments, I found that you are missing a logic in "Override Amount - Write?" and "Override Shipping - Write?" line items.

    Override Amount can be editable only if both "Submit PO" and "Override Suggested Order Amount" line items are enabled. But, your formula contain only "Submit PO".

    And you need to apply DCA on "Override Amount" line item.

    Hope you understood.



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