TIMESUM - No values on drill down


Hi - per the title, I was curious whether it was a known 'feature' that lines solely leveraging TIMESUM do not provide drill down information beyond the parameters (if used)?

E.g. even if you drill down on a field with values, if the function solely uses TIMESUM, you don't get a breakdown of the values by period (or values at all), you just get the parameters that were used in the function.

I've seen this behaviour previously but left it as TIMESUM wasn't really a function we relied on, but given some of the newer use cases we have coming through, it's become a requirement (and MOVINGSUM will not suffice).

In my testing, it doesn't matter if you use TIMESUM on a time dimension or without time; behaviour is still the same.

Hoping to get either confirmation of the above, or advice as to whether I'm missing something?




  • @luke_e

    You are correct, the drill down only gives you the parameters of the timesum function. I believe what you are looking for only works on SUMs.

  • Thanks for the response @rob_marshall.

    Just to be absolutely clear, I'm referring to the Drill Down, not Drill to Transaction function (which definitely only works with SUM).

    If we're talking about the same thing, did you have any inside info on the reasoning behind why no values are presented?