How to allow a dashboard to be filtered by many users independently and simultaneously?


We have a small list of users who have access to the same dashboard, but can only view their divisions. We built a separate card on the dashboard that allows them to select and de-select multiple items in a select dimension list. We find that when users select or de-select these items, it is changing the data on other users' dashboard views.

We know we need to identify the "Current User" and have built system modules to set up the filtering referencing Users and a User List subset. We're missing the connection to get this to work and hope someone can help .

Thank you.

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  • andrewtye
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    @rob_marshall - i recognise those pictures. amazing how the same answer from - checks notes - 4 years ago is still the same answer.


  • @ebarlow21

    You aren't going to be able to do it via a "current user" line item. In the 2nd picture, you are on the correct path in that what the user is selecting needs to be dimensionalized by Users. Also, you will need a filter on where the results is as well, and that line item needs to be dimensionalized by Users as well.

    Here are the filters I have used in a model in the past

    the modules look like this (I used a list I called Fake Users because not everyone defined in the model needed this functionality):

    This is where I did my calculations:

    and my final report:

    Notice, I had "Fake Users" as part of the calc and report to make sure the proper results were rendered.