Workflow Owner Role


I cannot find a workflow owner role to assign. I am a Tennent Admin and so I thought I would go to Administration and find it there with the other roles but it is not there. Is it someplace else or is there a secret button to press to make it appear?

bottom line, how do I assign the workflow owner role?

Best Answers

  • Stacey_Gibbens

    Hi Dan,

    It's not available to users within your tenant without add'l licensing. I've confirmed this with our Anaplan account manager. It's an add-on cost. Not a HUGE add-on cost, but it is extra. That was kind of a bummer, since the workflow icon was showing at the top of the screen for models in our tenant for a few days when they first announced Workflow… but then it disappeared. 😕


  • dan_ossmann

    Thanks for the clarity Stacey.