Changing source model for select actions in bulk


There are currently two options for changing the source model of an action.

The first being in the Import Data Sources section in 'Actions' where users can change the data sources for actions one by one. The second is by going to 'Source models' and editing mapping for a source model. This changes the source model for ALL actions which come from that source.

What would be awesome would be the ability to change a large group of actions with the same source model to a different model all at once.

Eg: If you have 100 actions from one source model and you want to change the source model of 30 of them, you would need to change all of them one by one. The ability to change all of the actions in one click would be extremely useful.


  • @Luke_Vacca - be sure to add your suggestion to the Idea Exchange. This will allow other Community members to vote on it and drive prioritization on the product roadmap.

  • Hi @Luke_Vacca,

    This would indeed be nice in some cases, where you need to split the source of the data to two models. However, if that's something that you want to do frequently as part of your model operation for predefined sets of actions, there is a workaround:

    1. Let's say we have three groups of actions that we want to quickly repoint to the other model: 10 actions A, 15 actions B and 5 actions C.
    2. We can "create model from revision tag" 3 times and name copies A, B and C.
    3. Then we repoint (using Import Data Sources tab) actions A to model A, actions B to model B, and actions C to model C.
    4. Thanks to that in "Source models" we have 3 separate rows, each of them defining to which model actions A, B and C are point. By default to respective models A, B and C, but we can map also all 3 to model A, new models D, E & F, or all to one model G - so now you can easily change the mappings in groups!