How to show UserID in the Target module for the user created list items?



Employee Details is my source module, in which Users (Manager Role) manually transfer employees. Manual Transfer ID will be created for the employee's vacant position. Current Month filter applied on the page. Running an action creates list (TBH) with Manual Transfer IDs and also loads the data into module dimensioned by TBH, Users

Below is the Target Module dimensioned by TBH, Users. Admin has Full Access to TBH, so he/she will know who created the TBHs.

How to achieve this. Please suggest





  • Hi @Vamsi_Kaki

    If you want to capture who created the TBHs, then in the first module employee details you need to have user dimension and capture created by. Because manually transfer is done in 1st module so we need to capture there itself.

    Let me know additional details that blocking this.



  • Hello Jagadish, Thanks for the suggestion. I already achieved by having user dimension in source. Here, the use case is to achieve without user dimension in source. Now, I got an idea that I shall try applying user dimension to only one line item in the source and use it to capture the user created by..

  • If you're using user dimension to only one line item that means It'll be applicable only for that line item, but your user capture needs to be by "Transfer Manually" and I don't think so that will solve the problem.