Native Time must shift with snapshot period


I have native time and snapshot period as my dimensions, I want the data to populate when I select (snapshot period as a page selector) Snap - Feb 23, the native time on the grid below must show from Feb 23. Created module with Snapshot period as a dimension to use that to show the forecast months, it is of no help as the native time is not moving along with it.

See the below screenshot, selection was made for July Snap 23, the data should populate only from July 23 on the table (native time).

Any suggestions on the best approach?

Thank you



  • I'd recommend creating a filtering module and then apply filter to your inputs module. For the snapshot period list, you'll need to have a system module that defines the correlation to the native time scale.

    Quick mock up below to illustrate what I mean by system and filter module:

    My team like to build filtering modules rather than defining the filter as a line item in the data/input module as this allows us to capitalize on the best practice of calculate once, reference many times. The same filter may be applied to multiple modules so having them separate allows for quick and easy reference.

  • Hi @jjayavalli,

    Not sure what exactly you want to achieve? Is it about filtering right filtering, or saving space?

    1. Filtering: you need to have small module with "start period" of snapshot (calculated or imported), then create filter module dimensioned by snapshots and months to calculate boolean which month to show or not, then apply it to the grid.
    2. Saving space: it's quite hard, there is no easy way. But there are few tricks, like you can create list with months (Jan-Dec/1-12, usage depends if your forecast is moving or static, also on the length of the horizon), and then they will be relative to the "switchover" month that you need to capture during making the snapshot. Then you can either compare snapshots using this relative time dimensions (like month 1 to month 1, 12 months vs 12 months etc.), or convert to native time by using lookups and calculating which native month is equivalent of your relative month for each scenario by offsetting saved switchover period.

  • @Tiffany.Rice Thank you, I have both SYS and Filtering Modules in place. I also have LIS in place to utilize for the exact view that I want. some reason I am missing a connection, not able to achieve this piece:

    @M.Kierepka this is for Filtering purpose only. Thank you