Why is the formula on this line item referencing the forecast? Maybe I'm missing something

11.3.4 Activity: Add Formulas to Profit & Loss Report Module

Head Count : IF 'SYS09 Version Details'.Forecast? THEN 'EMP02 Employee Expenses'.Headcount[SUM: 'SYS08 Employee Details'.Country] ELSE 'DATA01 P&L Actual and Budget'.Headcount

I ask because the modules don't just contain one specific element like say just forecast or just actuals. Does Anaplan know to pick pick right record?

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  • M.Kierepka

    Because usually (including this use case) you want to show users actual data for past periods - this way also time totals will be calculated properly.
    Indeed, in other use cases you might want to hide actuals (if they are not available/not accurate/unhelpful), then you would write the formula like:
    IF 'SYS09 Version Details'.Forecast? THEN 'EMP02 Employee Expenses'.Headcount[SUM: 'SYS08 Employee Details'.Country] ELSE 0


  • With the SYS module you have defined which version pertains to forecast and which version pertains to actuals do thus the IF statement is providing Anaplan with the logic it needs to combine both forecast and actuals data into a single module.

  • lloydramatshaba
    edited October 2023

    I understand that, but why would I want to select forecast and not actuals, or rather have them both included which would be a clutter mess. Unless if I've missed the fact that I'm building a forecast module. I hope that clarifies the question


  • lloydramatshaba
    edited October 2023

    The part that had me questioning the formula was why it has "forecast". I switched it to "Actuals?" and changed the page selector to Actuals and I got the same values, but forecast was 0. I'm guessing that this specific formula was used for the sake of using the forecast version.


  • @lloydramatshaba

    Few reasons why forecast was used here first:

    1. If Forecast? then Formula 1 ELSE Formula 2 - This formula applies formula 1 for Forecast months/versions and for any other versions or months formula 2 will work. So best to check the version configuration of your model
    2. IF THEN ELSE early exit - It's best to use if then else formula in Anaplan to early exit. If forecast has more months than actuals (5 years forecast vs 1 year actual) then also IF forecast? should be uses first