User List in PROD and Sandbox models

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I have a production and sandbox model in the same workspace, and I realized that when I delete or add a user to the sandbox model, it is also added to the production model and vice versa even though there is no sync or connection between the models other than they are being in the same workspace. How is that possible and is there a way to avoid that? Thanks


  • @HarunT

    Correct, when a user is created, it is actually provisioned to the workspace and then the User Role grants access to the model. Same thing when deleting users, they are removed from the workspace, not just the model. The way around this is to have the sandbox and production models on different workspaces, which is considered best practice architecture.

  • @rob_marshall Thank you so much for the quick answer, it explains the issue. I know it is best practice having the models in different workspaces, but it is our only workspace that still has some room for the sandbox model. Thanks.

  • @HarunT

    Creating a new workspace is a fairly easy thing to do, your Anaplan BP can help you out with that. All you need to do is figure out what you want to name, I would recommend something with Sandbox in the name, figure out how much space you need (this would eventually be subtracted from the current workspace), and then move your sandbox model into the new workspace. This would also help with ALM deployments as well.