NUX Empty Space in Bar Charts

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Anaplan seems to be adding quite a bit of empty space on the left and right sides of my bar charts. Any ideas for the cause of this?

This is sorted in descending order, there are no 'zero' values at either side.

Thanks, Ryan


  • Are you using Hierarchy list at X-axis of chart? If yes then try hiding Summary levels from the view using for this chart.


  • rrist
    edited October 2023

    @Umang Singhal The X axis just has a top level which is hidden

  • TristanS
    edited October 2023

    @rrist I've see this happen when you have a list as your rows. If you set the row as line item and columns as the list then it should remove the space gap. Down side is you lose the colour coding you've set for your list and the ability to select/deselect list items shown in the report. But the legend for your report looks pretty lengthy so would be good to flip the column and rows around