Anaplan Power BI connector - can't refresh data as a non WSA



I am using the Anaplan PowerBI connector for the first time. For our use case, we want users to connect to Anaplan from PowerBI and refresh data that will be used for analysis. Some of these users won't have WSA. When I tested this case, I couldn't refresh the data. Instead, I received the error message "the key didn't match any rows in the table". Do you know if it is possible to refresh data in Power BI as a non WSA? (The export actions is set to Everyone and I can run it as a non WSA from the new UX)


  • @Lars,

    Automation User for Seamless Integration:

    1. Consider creating a generic user (e.g., automation user) with appropriate permissions in both Anaplan and Power BI.
    2. Provide this user with non-SSO (username and password) access for seamless automation.
    3. Utilize the automation user credentials in your Anaplan and Power BI configurations to ensure smooth execution of the export actions from Anaplan and data loading into Power BI.

    This approach ensures that the automation process is not reliant on individual user credentials, making it more consistent and manageable for scheduled or automated data refreshes.