DCA on a certain user Function



Need your help with a modeling formula and DCA:

i have Boolean A - when it's checked , you can't override it. Boolean B, when it's checked, you can override it with Boolean C. My check on Boolean C workes fine : it gets checked as I want. The issue is that, when going in the UX, even if Boolean C is checked, I can't do the override.



  • @ilincach Reading between the lines with your comment above. If it's only setting to read-only in the UX but can be edited in the model, can you check the card configuration to see if "Enter and edit cell data" is selected as per screenshot below.

  • Hi @ilincach

    There are two things.

    1. when you published the grid in the UX you need to give the access for Edit cell data. then you will be allowed to check or uncheck the Boolean.
    2. First check your Boolean A is uncheck, only you can be able to enter data.
    3. Might be you written the formula for DCA - IF A is true the Read else IF B is true then write else if C is True then write else Read.