Year to go calculation

Has anyone worked out a Year to Go calculation (amount of spend that is left in the year)? I thought it was as easy as


But this doesn't work on a versioned line item with a switchover that happens during the year. Full year for the actuals part is different to full year from the version part.

In this case the switchover for the version is Oct 23.

Best Answers

  • @klameer

    Try unchecking the Switch over boolean for the Amount YTD and Amount YTG as well as Full Year.

  • @klameer

    The default is what is defined as the default time scale, in this case mine is at the week level

    As for your second question, the use case for "combining" both actuals and forecast in the same line is to understand what the quarterly/yearly numbers are for the forecast as well as closed months (actuals). If you don't want desire/need that, simply unclick the Switchover boolean in the blueprint area and it will just show that Version (Actual, Forecast, or Budget) without bringing in the Actual data for closed months.


  • Hi Rob,

    Thanks for the response. I'm trying to understand why the default is to show year values like this as default? What is the use case to separate out actuals vs forecast as two different sections in the year rather than seamlessly have the version that is selected?

  • OK thank you Rob.