ALM Question - How to setup Imports and Import Data


ALM Newbie here.

Implementing my first ALM for a model. I understand the difference between Production and Structural data.

I have categorized my list as production vs structural data based on my understanding.

I currently have some import actions that loads new members to my production list and load data into data module.

I see there is option to set production data for both import definition and import data. Which one is to be used? I would be importing data through Cloudworks integration in production or through import under Modules >Data.


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  • @sagarkpr

    Neither, you don't need to change those. Those values are if you want to change a file upload definition.

  • If I don't select that then when I tried to import data from a csv using Data > Import Data option. I get an error saying that I am trying to change structural data and should move my model out of deploy mode.

    Or maybe asked differently. Once the model is in ALM. How do we load new data into the model whether is from another model or from flat files?

  • @sagarkpr

    Typically, and best practice is to load any data from files or sources into a data hub and the the data hub would then feed the model (model-to-model loads are always faster than uploading a file).

    Is the model already in deployed mode? If so, you can't change those settings.

  • So even a model is in ALM, I am able to run model to model import actions?

    Yes my model is in Deployed model. Can I make these changes (like create a new action in Dev model) and sync it with my prod model. Would that not work?

  • @sagarkpr

    Yes, absolutely you can run actions and model to model imports within a model that is in Deployed mode, you just can't create new structures (modules, formulas, lists, list members (non prod data). If that action is already created and then sync'd to Prod, you are good to go. And, let's say you have a Test Data Hub and Test Spoke model and you sync to Prod Spoke, but in Prod Spoke model you want to get the data from the Prod Data hub, simply change the source model.

  • @Vams_kaki, thanks for sharing the link. I have a good understanding on when to set Imports as Production data. A follow up question. If I don't want to change the definition and just want the option to run the action. In those cases, I don't think so I need to set them as production data?

  • Hello @sagarkpr , yes if you don't want to change the definition then no need to set action as Production data.