System generated Number List not properly syncing from DEV to PROD

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Hi All,

My data source is unable to provide a single unique Key to act as a List Item, so I have a system generated ID as the list with a concatenated Key columns into a single column to make it unique (Numbered List).

My issue is when I sync the DEV to the PROD and do an import in DEV everything works fine but then when I tried the same import file in the PROD it throws this errors.

"Item not located in P5 Capex Projects ID - NUMBERED list: Coms#1"

The area highlighted in yellow are the List in DEV missing in the PROD after syncing from the DEV.

Also the list is set as a Production List.

1.Why is it not syncing all list items and just few?

2. How can I resolve this?

Please your respond will be helpful.

Below is the Lists for DEV

Below for PROD

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  • luke_e
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    Hi - if you're not already aware, production lists do not synchronise with an ALM, hence the purpose of a production list.

    If you're expecting the lists between models to be at parity, you'd need to either

    • re-run the relevant integration actions into your prod model,
    • create an import action from dev to prod (do not recommend), or
    • import a .csv/.txt from dev to prod to bring the models to parity (also don't really recommend).

    Alternatively, you could just re-cut your dev model based on prod and your lists will match again, but I'm not quite clear on why you're trying to load data from dev to prod.