Size limit import data Using Talend ETL & API


Hi all,

i need to load a lot of data in transaction level AP & AR. For now, i still don't have any idea how big. just wondering about :
1. is there any size limitation when import data using API?

2. Is there any timeout when import data using API?

Thanks a lot


  • Anaplan can handle very large import files quite well I don't believe there is an upper limit of the size. I have personally worked with files up to 5GB.

    Chunking your data is a must. Anaplan accepts a maximum of 50MB chunks in a single call, if any of the chunks fail, your code should be able to account for that and resume the upload from the last failed chunk

    If there's a ton of historical data that is getting uploaded only once, it's a good idea to upload that only once into Anaplan and do only delta loads for recent months