Data load from one module to another module


Dear Experts,

Is it possible to load one module with contains lists(time, country, customer, products and line items are actual price and selling price) to another module (all lists except country)
How to use lookup?
Suggest me some mapping, please?


  • Hello @rlakshmi , you can fetch data by directly referring the line items from Source module. No mappings required. In order to do that, there are 2 prerequisites

    1. List which is not present in Target module should have a Top Level (if it is in Hierarchy list, then L1 list should have Top level)
    2. Enable summary as "Sum" in the source module for the line item(s) you want to fetch data.



  • Hi Vamsi
    Thank you for your quick reply
    I am getting the below error. Could you pls correct me please

  • Hello @rlakshmi , in my previous comment I have clearly mentioned no mappings are required (say lookup or sum).

    I hope TEST1 is your source module and AP is source line item.

    • Remove Lookup from the formula
    • Input Top level to the country list (in the General list panel)