Store Module Versions


Hello! :)
Is it feasible for the user to store and access previous versions of a module directly in Anaplan?
This concerns the module SKU details that the end user uploads at the start of the year.
There are usually a few errors or corrections made in the first few weeks, and I would like to offer the user the opportunity to review those changes he makes


  • I think scenario management will work here, one scenario/version with the original data and differrent scenarios thereupon for changes to the original data but won't impact the original data in anyway. Once the user is ready to go ahead to change the original data to one of the scenario data. import the same from the selected version/scenario to the original data/scenario.

    Another solution (not straight forward) will be creating a numbered list data dump for all the user uploaded data (preferrably through text file/csv) with one additional column saying description which will make one upload different from another through some user created unique identifier. yeah, Its bit complicated